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About APS

APS is a local chapter of the Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology and reports regularly to the Division through Section IV (Local Chapters) of the Division. All mental health professionals are eligible to join Division 39 and APS members are encouraged, but not required, to do so. Division 39 holds two annual meetings: a Spring Meeting (usually in April) and a meeting in conjunction with the APA Annual Convention in August. As part of APS' commitment to Division 39, we are able to provide stipends to graduate students and early career professionals to attend the Spring Meeting.

Hans H. Strupp Award Recipients

Joyce Cartor, PhD

John Auerbach, PhD


Jane Tillman, PhD, ABPP

Vance Sherwood, PhD

Jeffrey Binder, PhD, ABPP

Mark O'Connell, PhD

James Gorney, PhD

Nancy McWilliams, PhD

William MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP

Jack Barlow, PhD

Paul Wachtel, PhD

Vamik Volkan, MD

Leonard Handler, PhD
Michael Nash, PhD

Frank Summers, PhD

Paul Lerner, PhD

Bertram Karon, PhD

Sidney J. Blatt

Hans H. Strupp

APS History

This article originally appeared in A History of the Division of Psychoanalysis of the American Psychological Association, edited by Robert C. Lane and Murray Meisels, published at Hillsdale, NJ by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., Publishers, in 1994 and is reprinted with permission.

East Tennessee, as it turns out, has a relative abundance of psychoanalytically oriented mental health practitioners. This is due in part to the presence at the University of Tennessee of a psychology department where psychoanalytic theory and treatment techniques have been taught for a long time. Several generations of psychologists who were trained there elected to remain in the area to practice, and others committed to psychoanalytic thinking have been attracted here because an accepting milieu had developed.

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Benefits of APS Membership

All members are eligible to attend APS educational activities, including conferences, seminars and courses. Graduate Student and Scholar members may attend activities for reduced fees.

APS Programs

Although our schedule varies from year to year, APS typically hosts two all-day conferences and six half-day seminars each year. One of those seminars, the Paul Lerner Scholar's Symposium, includes a membership meeting. Reading groups are often held in conjunction with conferences.

Continuing Education
Appalachian Psychoanalytic Society (APS) is a local chapter of Division 39 (Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology) ( of the American Psychological Association ( Division 39 is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists; its constituent sections, committees and local chapters are able to offer educational programs under the "umbrella" of the Division's approval. Division 39 maintains responsibility for these programs and their content.

APS and Division 39 are committed to accessibility and non-discrimination and will conduct all activities in conformity with the American Psychological Association's Ethical Principles for Psychologists. Presenters and participants are asked to honor the need for privacy and confidentiality throughout programs. If program content becomes emotionally distressing, participants are encouraged to process these feelings during discussion periods. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate special needs.

Unless otherwise noted, APS programs are open to all mental health professionals. Participants from professions other than psychology should consult with their respective licensing boards regarding the acceptance of Division 39-approved Certificates of Attendance as documentation of continuing education.

There is no partial credit for attending only a portion of a continuing education program. To receive a Certificate of Attendance for any continuing education program, it is necessary to attend the entire program and submit a completed evaluation form.

Unless otherwise noted, there is no commercial support for educational programs offered by the Appalachian Psychoanalytic Society. Similarly, unless otherwise noted, there are no relationships between Division 39, APS, program presenter(s), program content, research, grants or other funding sources that could reasonably be construed as conflicts of interest. During all continuing education programs, the presenter(s) will attempt to address, whether during the program or via a list of references, the validity/utility of their topics as well as the limitations and/or risks (common and most severe) of the content/approaches discussed.

With questions and/or complaints, please contact Renee Repka, PhD (APS President) or Laura Porter, PhD (APS continuing education coordinator.)

More Information

The Division 39 website,, includes membership forms and information on current activities and opportunities for members of Division 39 and Sections of Division 39. Sections are subgroups of the Division that address issues important to particular constituencies of the Division.
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